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Accounting Services

Bookkeeping in accordance with the ever-changing legislation in Turkey and finding experienced and reliable accounting personnel are the two important problems faced by many companies, local and international alike. Outsourcing the accounting services is a solution to the financial risks that may arise. We assist companies in various industries in bookkeeping and in meeting obligatory taxation requirements. In this context, our consultants provide the following services:

  • Bookkeeping in accordance with Turkish statutory requirements,

  • Issuance, controlling and realization of compulsory monthly, quarterly and annual declarations in accordance with the Turkish Accounting System and the Tax Law (Withholding Tax Return, Stamp Duty, BA-BS, Direct Foreign Capital Notification Forms, Provisional Tax Return and Corporate Tax Return etc.),

  • Performing current account reconciliations on a monthly basis,

  • Submitting documents, information and papers during the audits conducted by external independent audit companies,

  • Performing compliance audits within the scope of the Tax Law.

Also, for international investors who are considering establishing companies in Turkey, we provide company establishment services and help them meet their statutory obligations:


  • Establishment and liquidation of companies,

  • Registration and deregistration with tax and social security administration,

  • Change of the articles of association of the companies such as share transfer, capital increase, etc

  • Change of address of companies, branches and liaison offices of foreign entities,

  • Execution of annual requirements, i.e. General Assembly.

Accounting Services
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