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Consultancy Services

While accounting services keep a record of companies' past performances, financial reporting shares the results with executives and shareholders. Companies, however, also need to plan ahead. Unlike other accountant and advisory companies, Esenlik SMMM offers strategic planning services that help companies prepare for their future.  We can summarize these services as follows:


  • Management of strategic planning process,

  • Determination of strategic targets,

  • Creating action plans,

  • Preparation and long-term financial statements

  • Establishing performance management systems.


Our company is able to provide solutions for various problems clients face in cooperation with other Esenlik Group companies. While   Esenlik YMM provides tax legislation services, Birleşim Bağımsız Denetim provides audit services and Positive İK offers consultancy related to social security legislation and Human Resources management.

Consulting Services
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