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Esenlik SMMM is a consultancy firm with more than 20 years of experience providing services to companies in accounting, financial reporting and payroll. The company is a member of the Esenlik Group of Companies where clients can receive complimentary consultancy services from the partnering Certified Public Accountant office, Audit company and Human Resources company.


Our aim is to provide reliable and accurate services to our clients to add value to their business and to continue to endow trust. We are fully aware that bookkeeping cannot be merely taken down to fulfilling a legal obligation but have direct implications on the future capacities of the companies. For this reason, we make sure a healthy accounting and reporting infrastructure is in place while providing our services. 

Medical Company, Online Services Company

“We have been working with Esenlik SMMM since 2013. We established a sound relationship based on trust, due to their responsible and disciplined efforts”

Medical Company, Partner

“Over the years, they have gone beyond their responsibilities and had recommendations that positively contributed to us. We appreciate their hands-on approach" ”
Online Services Company, Partner
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